vSAN – Tips (part 3)

Some random tips and observations on the initial VSAN setup:

  1. vCenter will not accept a VSAN 6.2 license key until it is running 6.0U2.  Now that the VCSA admin portal is gone (thanks for that VMware), I followed this guide to patch the VCSA.
  2. Use the ISO from VMware rather than a customized ISO (Dell, HP, etc.).  Either way, VIBs need to be replaced, so a customized ISO just overcomplicates things in my opinion.
  3. After install, I replaced the following VIBs to match the HCL:

4. Don’t use VMFS5 formatting on disks that will be in VSAN.  I formatted a couple of drives to use as a temporary datastore for VIB installs and then spent a couple hours trying to erase the disks.  I couldn’t quite figure out what the issue was but I couldn’t unmount the disk because the filesystem was busy, even after a reboot.  All built in VMware utilities didn’t work.  I finally resorted to booting each host to a Windows Server 2012 ISO and removed all existing partitions to fix it.


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